Incomet S.r.l. is a leading company in the "precious metals dental alloys" field. 
The company was founded in 1972 and,†thanks to its innovative strategy, the constant research and development, is able to offer to its customers a wide range of †products always up-dated with†the†latest market requests.


A great synergy between our staff and our distributors†is the winning strategy to assure customers' satisfaction.
Each customers' need and requirement obtain our deepest attention.
Our technicians are prepared to†cooperate with customers†and to solve any kind of problem which may happen.
Kindness and††relaiability are our flags.


Our company has successfully†obtained UNI EN ISO 13485
certification and this guarantees to our products†a high level quality.
All†our products are tested and manufactured as prescribed by 93/42 CEE.


An "X-rays spectrophotometer, by Helmut Fischer / Zurich allows us to analyze any fragment or object 
(with no invasive method) and issue the relative photo with†spectrum-certificate.
†This instrument†permits to find out any anomaly†in the alloy composition and find the relative 
solution in short time.

We place a very qualified analysisí laboratory at our customersí disposal: our instruments allow us to analyse any fragment and/or manufacture in a non-destructive way, leaving it unbroken.

Our after-sales service is managed by a very skilled staff who will be able to study and solve any
problem that may occur in working.
The available stocking allow us to deliver your orders within the same day